Amazon Outage Takes Down Vine, Instagram And Airbnb

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Amazon web services (AWS) yesterday experienced an outage which let taking down web popular sites. Instagram, Airbnb and Vine users have difficulties in accessing these sites because AWS start facing issues with their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) offerings, load-balancing services and relational database. AWS offers their EC2 services to host web applications.

This issues was began before 4 pm EST and was resolved in less than an hour later. Netflix and IFTTT  may have also been affected due to this outage but Instagram was the first one to be publicly acknowledged thereafter followed by Vine.

Though AWS outage was relatively short lived but it’s absence was notable to users. Many  small and large websites use AWS to host their web services and applications. AWS act as the backbone for some of the world’s most popular sites. When the issue was ongoing,  Amazon kept their users up to date with the process for finding the problem and was resolving it.

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